Savings and comfort

OptiWatti is an easy way to save electricity on heating and cooling.

With OptiWatti it is easy to get optimal temperatures to your house.
Electricity is saved when unnecessary heating and cooling are being avoided.

Look how OptiWatti optimizes heating:

Easy way to save electricity

OptiWatti is easy to use. It is wireless and no major changes are needed to current systems.

OptiWatti can be used with computer, tablet or smartphone. Adjusting temperature is quick and easy.

Remote access allows you to control your home from anywhere.

Intelligent system

OptiWatti learns how each room reacts to temperature adjustments. This allows room-level optimization and ensures desired temperature for each hour of the day. Optimization takes into account outside temperature, weather forecast and the price of electricity.

Accurate reporting

Energy consumption, temperature and humidity is reported on room-level. Detailed data makes it easy to recognize saving opportunities and to improve comfort.

OptiWatti elements are room sensors, heater or cooler controllers and a central unit.

User defines temperatures by tablet, PC or smart phone. Settings are transferred via OptiWatti cloud into the central unit, which then controls when each heater or cooler is switched on or off.


How is saving generated?

A lot of energy is wasted in unnecessary heating and cooling. Optimization is difficult as constant manual adjustments are needed or there is no easy solution for remote control.

OptiWatti makes this easy, taking into account user’s preferred temperature to each room.

OptiWatti has achieved even 40% savings on heating.

Examples of optimization in heating:

  • Decreasing room temperature while not at home
  • Preventing overheating
  • Decreasing bedroom temperatures during nights
  • Instead of using floor heating through the night, switch it on for the morning
  • Switching into saving profile during holidays
  • Optimize timing of heating by outside temperature, weather forecast and price of electricity

A secure system

OptiWatti is a secure system. Internet connection is protected with an encryption technology familiar from internet banking. If OptiWatti is switched off the control transfers to the original system.

OptiWatti sends an alarm if temperature or humidity exceeds from the values the user has set.

Carbon footprint

OptiWatti saves energy and helps to reduce carbon footprint.

Pricing / Finland

The price of OptiWatti consists of setup fee and monthly fee. Setup fee includes all the needed equipment and installation work:

4 rooms
5 rooms
6 rooms
7 rooms
8 rooms
9 rooms

The monthly fee is 5 Euros. It covers the use of the system, continuous development and customer care.

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